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Jackets and Coats for Women

Ladies! Become the envy of your friends with our collection of jackets and coats. Featuring 5 styles and 8 colours, it's the Wrangler guarantee that we can find you the perfect garm to seal your outfit and secure your status as a fashion deity.
Whilst you can't wear a jacket all the time, reveal you're stylish all the way through with a fitted shirt.
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  • Indigood Icons 124WJ Western Jacket

    Good Night

  • Long Puffer


  • Long Puffer


  • Short Puffer

    Tawny Port

  • Carpenter Jacket

    Brand Apricot

  • Explorer Jacket

    Summer Breeze

  • Icons 124WJ Western Jacket

    6 Months

  • Colour Block Jacket

    Bridal Rose

  • 80´S Sherpa Jkt

    Black Stone

  • Long Parka


  • Retro Crop Jacket

    Blue Depths

  • 80´S Sherpa Jacket

    Winter Bleach

  • Short Puffer


  • Geo Jacket

    Blue Depths

  • Short Parka

    Dark Navy

  • Rainbow Puffer

    Cloud Blue

  • 80´S Jacket

    Indigo Check

  • 80´S Cropped Jacket


  • Summer Vest

    Bora Blue

  • Utility Jacket

    Pyramid Sand

  • Icons 124WJ Western Jacket

    Blue Rhapsody

Products per row
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